My nutrition regiment

My nutrition regiment
Photo by Raimond Klavins / Unsplash

I've been tweaking the vitamins / minerals I've taken over many years and I still don't know if I have the right combination but I'm feeling like I'm getting closer to my ideal combination based on having less brain fog and recovering better from my workouts(with less aches and pains)
I started out just taking Multi Vitamins and have iterated to the following combination. I used to take off brand vitamins but I've realized you get what you pay for so I now only use Thorne brand items(unless they don't make something I'd like to take).

Here's my regiment as of this week(until it changes again)

Taken Daily
Mens Multi 50+ - 3/day
Magnesium Citrate(55mg) - 2/day

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday(Joint / Cholesterol medicine offsetting)
COQ10(30mg) / Omega 3(700mg) - 3/day
Glucosamine(500mg) & Chondroitin(250mg) - 3/day
Berberine(HCI - 450mg, Phytosome - 550mg) - 2/day

Tuesday, Thursday(Brain fog)
Brain Factors - 1/day
Stress Balance - 2/day

Night after Workouts(Workout recovery and sleep)
Magnesium Threonate - 2/day
L-Theanine - 1/day
Apigenin - 1/day

After Workouts(Workout recovery)
Creatine - 1 scoop
Gold Standard Whey Protein - 1 scoop