Coffee Review: Alma Invierno

So I changed my trade subscription taste last month from surprising and unconventional to classic and traditional. I'm not sure how this changed the kinds of coffee I received but I guess we'll see for a few months.

Alma coffee is actually pretty close to where I live and I've had their coffee before so I know they produce pretty good roasts.

I decided to change how I prepare my coffee because I felt like I was wasting a lot of coffee doing pour overs. I now am using an Aeropress and I ground the coffee to 9 on the Baratza Encore.

Another thing I did last month was change out the burr on my grinder. It was long overdue. It went from taking a minute to grind coffee down to 15-20 seconds so I guess it had dulled pretty well. Baratza has some great videos on Youtube on how to do this and it took less than an hour to change it out.

So on to the review. This roast is described as having hints of oaky dry wine, dried cranberries, and brown sugar. I can definitely smell oak. As for the taste, I can taste some of the cranberry and brown sugar but it's not overly sweet. The taste is not bitter and the roast was not too dark. It's a coffee I could definitely drink every day.