So I'm going to get certified(or try to) this year.

I remember back in the day when I was doing Windows SDK programming then Visual C++ programming and Microsoft came out with their MCSD certification and I balked at them.  

Well times have changed and now that I’m doing more Cloudy things, I’ve decided to try and complete the Professional Cloud Architect for GCP( and the Professional Certified Solutions Architect for AWS( this year.

I’ve gotten a big head start from Google by them having many of their training courses on Coursera(  I’ve also been doing alot of the Qwiklabs and some of the Codelabs.  I’ve got my GCP exam scheduled for mid May so I’m hoping to knock that out and start studying for the AWS exam immediately afterwards and complete that certification by late July.

In doing these certifications,  I’ve decided to blog on a weekly basis about taking a simple one instance architectural design and expanding it out to fit into a cloud architecture(both AWS and GCP).  

Each week I’m going to expand out the architecture until I have something that’s secure, scalable, global, and resilient.   

Hopefully I can stick to it.