Network upgrade during pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to upgrade my networking setup from the 10 plume pods I had to a more flexible system.  After looking over things, I decided to go "overboard" and buy a Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro.  And since I was upgrading, I upgraded my switches to 1 Ubiquiti Switch 16 POE and purchased 2 U6-Pro's and 2 U6-Lite's Access Points to saturate my house.  In hindsight, I probably could have gotten away with 3 U6-Lite's but too late now.

The first thing I did was create networks for all the different types of devices I had.  I added a network for guests, IOT devices, work computers/phones, family computers/phones, gaming devices, and my lab(where I host things I'm playing around with).  I then setup WiFi Networks for each network.  I used both 2.4 and 5 ghz setups for most networks but added 1 network specifically for 2.4 ghz IOT devices since I had quite a few devices that required that range.  I then created firewall rules to isolate each of the networks from each other.  This provided me with the peace of mind that any rogue IOT devices wouldn't poison any of my home or work devices.

So far everything has worked pretty well.  I initially had Comcast Business 1gig plan but after observing our bandwidth usage(via the Ubiquiti graphs), I realized we could get away with the 500meg plan so that saved some money.  One other item I added later on as a backup was the Unifi LTE.  This device provides a backup network over LTE if your primary connection goes down.  I have isolated the device to just my work network so I can have a backup in case Comcast goes down(and it does regularly).

Would I recommend this setup?  Yes, but for the average home owner, no.  Having Google or Eero Wifi is probably much simpler.  But if you are a networking nerd like me then it's like Nirvana.  Having so much control is pretty awesome and the Ubiquiti products really make it easy.  Of course most of there stuff is sold out so good luck finding things.