My Favorite Sessions From Google Next 2018(that I attended)

Leverage AI on the Cloud to Transform Your Business

- This video answers the following question.  What kinds of problems can I use ML to solve for?  Everyone should look at the slide at about 3 minutes in.

Architecting Live NCAA Predictions: From Archives to Insights

- This video describes how Google used all the NCAA tournament data and ML to drive the dynamic advertisements we saw during March Madness this year.  

Continuous Deployment Platform for ML Models

A Modern Data Pipeline in Action

From Zero to ML on Google Cloud Platform

- This video gets into all the ML products Google has released for application developers, data scientists, and all those people in between.  Lots of good demos.

ML in Production: Architecting for Scale

Cloud Functions Overview: Get Started Building Serverless Applications

- This video provides you with a good overview of what kinds of headaches Serverless computing solves and where Cloud Functions fit in.

Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Xgboost on Google Cloud Platform